Drug Distribution

Crack Distribution in New Haven

Some residents of Ansonia, a small place 12 miles northwest of New Haven, were appalled to find out that their neighbor was selling crack and fentanyl all over the Bridgeport area.

The peaceful neighborhood was not the scene of a lot of criminal activity and is well-known for its safe streets. However, the latest news has been very disquieting for the Ansonians.

Thomas Robinson, aka Kentwan Robinson, unexpectedly confessed to one count of selling crack cocaine and fentanyl, one count of possession with the intention to distribute fentanyl, and two counts of distributing fentanyl on Wednesday at the Superior Court in New Haven.

Leading investigators found out about Robinson’s illegal pursuits in November 2018. Over the next three months, the police officers oversaw three controlled purchases off Robinson. The investigation focused on fentanyl distribution because the initial data connected the suspect with this particular opioid.

Fentanyl is gaining in popularity all over the States. The abuse of this prescription pain medication has been on the rise. Going by the street name “fenny,” it has been linked with many cases of overdosing. The authorities are trying to draw public attention to the possible dangerous side-effects of fentanyl consumption and to cut the illegal distribution lines.

However, during one buy, Robinson offered them crack cocaine as well. His sentencing is scheduled for October 23. If the prosecution decides to opt for the maximum penalty, Robinson will be facing 20 years of imprisonment on each count.

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