Toxic Waste

Yet Another Fairfield Administrator Incriminated in the Toxic Waste Affair

The affair regarding the unwarranted toxic waste disposal in the town of Bridgeport is gaining momentum as one more official has been indicted. Joseph Michelangelo, who serves as the director of Public Works in Bridgeport, is facing serious charges for conspiring to commit second-degree forgery, second-degree forgery, and illegal dumping. The Judge of the Superior […]


The Sighting of an Alligator in East Lyme Still Not Confirmed

The visitors of Power Lake near the town of East Lyme were disturbed by the recent news of an alligator sighting. A resident allegedly spotted an alligator from a distance and immediately reported to the CT’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The Environmental Conservation Police conducted the on-site investigation and interviewed the eyewitness. For […]


Vaping Health Claims Under Investigation in Connecticut

Juul Labs is under scrutiny once again with regards to their marketing strategy and advertising of vaping products. William Tong, the Attorney General, said that CT would be joining the national effort to reduce vaping in youth. Congressional hearings and investigations into the practices of vaping-product manufacturers took place in the last few months, including […]

Death from Ebola in Congo

Second Victim of Ebola in Congo

Concerns are rising as the officials reported a second case of ebola-related death in Congo’s city of Goma. The victim passed away on Wednesday after his condition worsened significantly the day before. He did not suspect he had Ebola prior to hospitalization, meaning he was contagious for days. The man, who was in his 40s, […]

Ban Plastic Bags

Connecticut Bans Plastic Bags

Starting on Thursday, August 1, if you happen to be in Connecticut, it would be better if you brought your own bag when you go shopping. As an overture to the complete ban of all single-use plastic bags in 2021, the General Assembly passed a law to reduce the use of such bags. The new […]