Cocaine and marijuana

Detectives Seize Cocaine and Marijuana Hidden Within Large Object in Man’s Pants

Stratford, Connecticut – The authorities have arrested Edward Johnson from Bridgeport after stopping his vehicle for a minor violation. However, what they later discovered in Johnson’s pants was enough to put him behind bars. The officials charged the man with possessing and planning to sell the narcotics that were discovered.

Cocaine and Marijuana in mans pantsThe Narcotics Vice and Intel Unit sent out a patrol squad in Stratford Avenue. Then, the squad spotted a minor traffic violation.

When the detectives stopped the driver and asked him to step outside, they noticed something suspicious.

Captain Frank Eannotti stated that the detectives saw a strange black object protruding out of Johnson’s low hanging pants. The plastic object in question caught the officers’ attention, and they decided to pat Johnson down.

According to Eannotti, the detectives inspected the suspect’s pants. They noticed that the concealed black object was “not part” of Johnson’s reproductive organ.

When the detectives pulled out the object, they discovered a hidden stash of cocaine and marijuana. The plastic container was holding around 50g (1.76oz) of marijuana as well as 108g (3.8oz) of cocaine. The detectives immediately arrested Johnson and officials charged him shortly after.

Moreover, the bail was $150,000. However, Eannotti said that Johnson did not post it.

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