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Shania Returns to Vegas for New Residency

They say your name is your omen and the Ojibwa word which stands for “on my way” is — Shania.

That’s how Shania Twain got her name, and she continues to live up to it to this day.

Right now, Shania is on her way to Las Vegas. She has signed a residency consisting of 23 performances. The show is aptly called “Let’s Go!” and the tickets will go on sale this Friday.

This is not Shania’s first stint in the entertainment capital of Vegas. Back in 2012 to 2014, she brought the house down for 2 consecutive years. This took place at the Colosseum, at the legendary Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino.

This time Shania is performing at the Zappos Theater, which is part of the world-famous Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

After her original residency, Shania took to the road again and did the traditional tour circuit. She performed the Rock This Country Tour in 2015 and the NOW Tour in 2018, to the delight of her fans. Both tours were a huge success.

It is unbelievable that the singer is 53 and even more unbelievable that she has managed to go 15 years without a record and still remain relevant. The touring has certainly contributed to her staying in the public eyes and ears, but nothing explains her haunting beauty after all those draining bus rides and hard-hitting concerts.

Shania shared that, while she loved touring, a residency had some plus sides that a tour didn’t. She called performing in one place a “production dream” because some music technology wasn’t very convenient to take on the road because it was too sensitive for the road bumps.

Another reason Shania is happy to be staying put is her health. Shania contracted Lyme disease years ago, and she nearly lost her voice because of it. She had to train with a voice coach to get her vocal cords in shipshape again, as the illness affected her body. She said she remained vigilant of the heat in Las Vegas and had methods she would use to warm up her voice before performing.

Shania’s allure is partly due to her accessible persona, and her approach to her concerts lays in testament to that. She will be converting a part of the stage into a dance floor so the audience can join in.

Her songs are practically a part of pop culture, and the latest manifestation of that is a video that went viral by the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team. They filmed themselves singing to Shania’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” as they were on their way to a game on the team bus.

Shania said she was touched to see the clip.

There is no doubt her residency will be a success. Many stars have jumped on that bandwagon since and a Vegas residency is something like a badge of honor for seasoned performers. In her standard overachiever form, Shania won that badge twice (so far).

Oh, Shania, You’re Still the One!

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