The Sighting of an Alligator in East Lyme Still Not Confirmed

The visitors of Power Lake near the town of East Lyme were disturbed by the recent news of an alligator sighting. A resident allegedly spotted an alligator from a distance and immediately reported to the CT’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The Environmental Conservation Police conducted the on-site investigation and interviewed the eyewitness. For the time being, the investigation is in progress, and they are still not able to confirm or deny the claims.

DEEP are talking to the local boaters and checking the water, but it seems that they have not spotted an alligator or anything suspicious that could help the investigation.

Connecticut is not a convenient habitat for these reptiles. A gator to be residing in Power Lake waters would be very unusual. One of the swimmers, who enjoys the clear waters of the Lake often, said that he was not buying into the alligator story at all.

Austin Gillesbie thinks that it might be a baby-gator that someone threw in the Lake for whatever reason and that it must have happened recently. He is also not giving up his summer recreational swimming and doubts that he could be in any danger.

His opinions are reasonable because the Connecticut winters would hardly be easy on an alligator, which is used to much gentler climate conditions. It also seems very doubtful that it would survive the last one.

Lisa Schuba was visiting her dad in Connecticut with her son and her dog. They decided to take a trip to Power Lake on the same day that DEEP was checking the location. When she saw their vehicle, she immediately put the dog on a leash. She soon realised that the officers were there for an entirely different reason.

She said that her family visited the Lake regularly in the summer, but that they never heard of an alligator sighting before. Though not their usual routine, she said that they might be in for the alligator hunt on this vacation.

Some of the locals, including Schuba, told reporters that they had been talking to the eyewitness. He claims that he comes from the South and that he knows his gators.

It remains to be seen what will come out of the story. Regardless of the outcome, it will be an exciting summer in the otherwise peaceful East Lyme, Connecticut.

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