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Plainville High School’s Class of 2019 Is Encouraged to Be Happy by the Community

For many Plainville High School seniors, graduation day started in the hallways of their elementary school, which has been common for this small town for years.

This Tuesday morning, graduate students in gowns and caps promenaded the halls in which they had met each other for the first time at the beginning of their education. Some of them even had their photographs taken with young members of the Girl Scout troops, the same ones they themselves had become a part of over a decade before.

Marisol Lozefski, who is now a mother to three Plainville High School students, said it was a delight watching the graduates reaching their common goal, especially because many of them had gone to the same school.

One of Lozefski’s children, her daughter Samantha, graduated along with almost 170 other seniors from Plainville High School this Tuesday night. Young women from this school dressed in white dresses to match their male colleagues in blue at the entrance to the school’s gymnasium where the ceremony took place. 41 students from the group were awarded the 2019 Presidential Award for Educational Excellence, whereas 26 students received scholarships from the Rotary Club of Plainville.

Several weeks ago, the soon-to-be-graduates voted to have Steven Michaud, their finance teacher, address them during the ceremony. Michaud approached the lectern and was greeted by a big round of applause. He shared with students what he said to be the last piece of advice they ought to get during their high school education.

Michaud advised the group of graduates to strive for happiness, regardless of where they may be.

He told them not to be concerned, as they already had what it took to find happiness inside of them. According to his words, all they need to do is learn how to use what they have been given.

Michaud encouraged the assembled students to believe in themselves and to trust their instincts when it comes to unplanned situations throughout their life.

Daniel Szymula, the class salutatorian, gave a heartwarming speech as he recalled difficult decisions he had to make while choosing which college to attend and which subject to major in. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of self-care and happiness in life.

Szymula told the gathered graduates that they would find happiness if they remained patient and true to themselves.

Rachel Parsons, one of the graduates, based her valedictory speech on advice she had received from her classmates over the course of the previous month. Many of them recollected all the moments in which they used to help each other out during difficult times at school, such as gym classes and testing weeks.

Parsons advised all her classmates to find people who make hard work easier and avoid those who would slow them down.

Right from the beginning of the Tuesday night graduation, it was obvious how much the town valued community.

Jesse Gnazzo from the Plainville town council told the group of graduates that Plainville would always be their home. He said that as far as he was concerned, that class of graduates was still the Plainville Kindergarten class of 2006–07. Gnazzo’s own son graduated this year as a member of the Blue Devil class.

Gnazzo concluded by saying that Plainville is known for being a town where people know and care about one another.

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