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For Sale: Secret Historic Jewel in Fairfield

The last traces of the Frederick Sturges Estate that comprises almost 1,000 acres can still be seen in Fairfield. The Sturges Cottage is still on Mill Plain Common in this day and age. The Sturges carriage house that is located several blocks away has been modeled after this one, as its coral rose board and wooden exterior resemble the Sturges Cottage. The carriage house is even more secluded since a privacy fence surrounds it.

This secret historic jewel located at 674 Mill Plain Road was established in the Sturges neighborhood in 1890. One woman from the area who used to go to the carriage house and spend time there when it was unoccupied told stories about her playing there as a child to the current owners of the house. She used to jump from a loft in the barn into a bale of hay. The story belongs to recent history, as the events took place only several decades ago. As for what could be described as ancient history for this house — the late 1890s, when it was built— it was created as a segment of a big barn complex, according to the Historic Review. The current Sturges family has provided photographs to prove the theory. Unfortunately, a fire has destroyed other segments of the complex, but the carriage house is still standing.

Nowadays, the estate is an outstanding place with wonderful landscaping whose gardens were created by a historic landscaper. There is a “sister” door of the main, unusually large front door into the hallway. It leads to the neatly maintained lawn with full-grown plants, such as daffodils and tall rhododendrons. There are large windows that provide a view into the garden.

As stated in the Historic Review from the Fairfield Museum and History Center, as you open the gate to the private terrace of this Carriage House, you are greeted by the sensation of history that is portrayed in the Carpenter Gothic architecture of the house and its amazing gardens.

The current owners, to whom this house has been a home for 34 years, have attentively cared for this 2,923-square-foot house and the land that surrounds it. Some of the features they have implemented into the property are the gas hot water heater, gas furnace, lawn irrigation, and central air conditioning. In addition to everything it has to offer, this house is within hailing distance from downtown shopping areas and restaurants, public schools, and the Metro North train station.

The garage constructed for two cars in addition to a gravel parking area that is in front of it can accommodate approximately four vehicles. The ample paving stone terrace is enclosed by cobblestone at the main entrance. Inside, there is a sitting room with cupboards built into a wall and a fireplace, a reading room with shelves and cabinets built into a wall, a full bath, a spacious dining room that leads to a sunroom through French doors, a tile floor country kitchen that includes a bar with a sink, mahogany wood and honed granite countertops, a book nook built into it, stainless utensils, a built-in wine holder, and an area designed for dining.

There are two practical flights of stairs that lead to the second floor. There are four bedrooms and another large room with a flexible purpose that has a cathedral ceiling and two whitewashed pine wooden walls. This attic room can be used as a family room, media room, or playroom. The ample master suite has a cathedral ceiling as well; only this one features exposed boards. In addition to the described rooms, there are bookshelves built into walls, a couple of sitting areas, a full bath, and a walk-in closet. Two extra bedrooms feature windows that provide a view into the gardens and the courtyard. Aside from all the mentioned features, there is a skylight in the fourth bedroom.

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